Proven Unproven Famous Serial Killers Name 40000 100000 Vlad Tepes aka Vlad the Impaler (Count Dracula) 218 250 Harold Frederick “Fred” Shipman aka Dr. Harold Shipman 200 600 Gilles de Rais 140 300 Luis Garavito 127 Dr. Jack Kevorkian aka Dr. Death 125 931 Thug Behram 100 Javed Iqbal 80 Bruno Ludke 80 650 Erzsebet Bathory / Elizabeth Bathory aka The Blood Countess 70 100 Pedro Rodrigues Filho aka “Pedrinho Matador” 67 100 Randy Steven Kraft 65 65 Yang Xinhai 57 300 Pedro Alonso Lopez – The Monster of the Andes 53 56 Andrei Romanovich Chikatilo 52 Anatoly Onoprienko 48 63 Alexander Pichushkin 42 Ahmad Suradji 41 Gerald Eugene Stano 40 W. Wagner, S. Meyer, M. Gruber and I. Leidolf 33 Vasili Komaroff 33 127 Fernando Hernandez Leyva 32 John Wayne Gacy 31 Karl Denke 30 100 Theodore Robert Bundy aka Ted Bundy 28 Patrick Kearney 27 200 Herman Webster Mudgett aka Dr. Henry Howard Holmes aka H. H. Homles 26 38 Marcel Andr 25 Richard Angelo 25 Juan Vallejo Corona aka Juan Corona 24 Friedrich “Fritz” Haarmann aka Fritz Haarmann 17 Jeffrey Dahmer Aka. The Milwaukee Monster 16 Charles Ray Hatcher 15 Alvin & Judith Ann Neelley 15 Dennis Nilsen 15 Rosemary West 15 54 Robert William “Willie” Pickton 15 Frederick Walter Stephen West aka Fred West 14 John Paul Knowles 14 Richard Ramirez Aka. Night Stalker 13 Albert Henry DeSalvo Aka. The Boston Strangler 13 Peter William Sutcliffe aka Yorkshire Ripper aka Peter William Coonan 13 100 Carl Eugene “Coral” Watts, The Sunday Morning Slasher 12 20 Christopher Bernard Wilder 11 Charles Starkweather 11 3000 Henry Lee Lucas 11 Caril Ann Fugate 10 20 William Bonin 10 15 Jack Unterweger 9 15 David Berkowitz aka Son of Sam 8 30 Thomas Quick 8 9 Kendall Francois 8 8 Michael Bruce Ross 7 9 Dayton LeeRoy Rogers aka The Molalla Forest Murderer 5 37 Zodiac Killer 5 19 Charles Panzram aka Carl Panzram 5 30 Roy Norris 5 18 Harvey Carignan 5 Jack the Ripper 5

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Mukut Kanti Saha is a renowned Indian journalist based in Kolkata,West Bengal.A national awardee,he boasts of a strong academical background.despite the fact that he graduated with physics honors under the calcutta university, Mukut chose to tread on the path of mainstream journalism. Mukut had worked with a number of reputed news dailies and leading TV channels as well.the list boasts of names like the statesman,the times of India, bartaman & many more. Mukut was felicitated with a number of prestigious awards for his contribution. Mukut owns a web designing and software development company of his own headquartered in Kolkata.webfx india specializes in web designing, customized software development and search engine optimization. Mukut is a prestigious member of a number of international organizations.south Asian journalists' association , html forum, Indian journalist association, web designing association, international web designers' association are just to name a few of them.his expertise in analyzing the trend of the Indian stock market is well known.he had always had a penchant for share market and no wonder, columns penned by him are hugely popular among thousands of readers across the globe.he can be contacted at 91 923 923 9000.mail him at View all posts by mukut k saha

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